1. Why is it worth reading to children in English?

Reading English books to children has many benefits.

The child:

  • improves listening skills
  • developes vocabulary, learns new phrases and expressions
  • unconsciously assimilates grammar
  • develops a positive attitude to a foreign language
  • learns using many senses - eyesight, hearing, touch, sometimes even smell
  • familiarize with the culture of English-speaking countries
  • develops his knowledge of the world,
  • develops his imagination
  • develops concentration skills
  • spends a good time in the company of a parent.

2. When should I start reading to my child in English?

The sooner - the better - to familiarize the child with the foreign language, to develope his/her vocabulary and language skills. The young brain is very receptive and does not have to put much effort to memorize the vocabulary and expressions. It's worth getting into the habit of reading in English - younger children are much easier to convince, and when they grow up - it will be a natural way of spending time for them.


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